iPhone 12 Pro Max LCD Screen Replacement Premium Incell (TS8 Brand)



Brand Name: TAOYUAN Parts: iphone 12 pro max Screen Replacement
Compatible: iPhone 12 Pro Max Color: Black
Quality: TS8 Display Type: Premium Incell
Weight: 0.15kg Package size: 160*113*10 mm
Screen Size: 6.7 inch Display Pixel: 1284*2778


1. Upgraded inner lcd. High brightness. iphone 12 pro max display rich color saturation. Premium backlight. Great resolution.

2. Upgraded Front Polarizer. 360 polarizer, no matter from which angle. The black color will not be whitened or grey.

3. Sensitive 3D touch. Built-in 3D touch technology, which can achieve the real 3D touch effect. Smoother and more responsive.

4. 120Hz touch refresh rate-Fast touch response and prompt switching speed. Will bring you better game experience.

5. When You Bring Sunglass, Other LCD display is blurred and the brightness is dark. TS8 LCD display is clear,no polarization, and the stereo is better.

6. Excellent Saturation And Clarity. The excellent screen display effect is as brilliant as the refurbished one, no difference can be found.

7. Ture tone function, automatically adjust color temperature according to ambient light.

8. Neatly hole, iphone 12 pro max screen repair is easy to add the screws.

9. With ear mesh, camera hole to protect camera.

10. iphone 12 pro max lens replacement 100% fitness, not easy to broken, very strong.

11. iphone 12 pro max lcd high color saturation, no dust, no black spots.

12. Provide more comfortable touch feeling, iphone 12 pro max rear glass replacement no fingerprint.

Our Promise:

1. iphone 12 pro max screen replacement kit 100% Guaranteed quality;

2. Quality material, premium craftsmanship;

3. Professional QC tested one by one before shipping;

4. Ensure stable supply chains and sources;

5. We check our products' quantity and quality before packing;

6. We provide best quality iphone 12 pro max replacement screen.

Our Warranty:

All defective merchandise, unless otherwise indicated, may be returned for a replacement within 180 days from the original purchase date. The warranty does not cover physically damaged merchandise.