Warranty and Return Policy

Warranty Policy

Taoyuan Electronic offer 180 Days warranty to cover the warranty service which is basically covered the product selling process. All the products are 100% tested before shipping but there is no denying that it is impossible to achieve a 0 defect rate. However, our strict quality process will ensure that the defect rate is minimized. The warranty policy will try our best to protect your benefit as long as the product was purchased from Taoyuan Electronic.

Return Policy

1. The party receiving the shipment should conduct an inspection to verify the following conditions:

  • Make sure the goods you receive match your order (correct model number, description, size, type, color, quantity, etc.). If you have any questions, please contact us within 7 days of the receipt.
  • For significant damage to the product received, please take photos/ record videos and contact us within 7 days of the receipt. we will offer a solution after negotiation with the logistics company.

2. All Screen Replacement with the Taoyuan stamp. If not, it means that it does not belong to our company and cannot have a return policy.

3. What is covered by the return policy?

The return policy covers functional problems not caused by man-made damage during the warranty period. Such as:

  • Touch failure (Outward appearance is fine)
  • Malfunctioned backlight
  • Bracket Broken
  • Dead point/bad point

4. What is not covered by the return policy

  • Product damage due to unexpected or human factors. Such as LCD damage, drop damage, flex cable damage, etc..
  • The installation process is not correct, resulting in damage to the screen IC and LCD. There are the following performances: no display, black screen, green line/bright line/streak line appear on the screen.


taoyuan return process

Policy Abuse

Unfortunately, some customers have abused our generous return, warranty, and other policies. Accordingly, we will be forced to apply stricter policies to customers who abuse our policies.

Policy Changes

These policies are subject to change at any time and without notice.