What is the difference between COF, COG in mobile lcd screen?

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Now that the mobile phone has entered the era of full screen, incell's incorporated chip service with TTDI touch IC and screen IC has slowly end up being the pattern of iPhone LCD screens. Among them, incell LCD has two procedures, COF and COG, which of these 2 procedures is better to have actually ended up being a subject of debate.

1. What is COF? What is COG?

COG: Chip on Glass, is the most traditional screen packaging technology and the most cost-effective solution, and is widely used. Before the trend of full screen, most mobile phones adopted COG screen packaging technology.

COF: Chip on Flex, this packaging technique is to place the screen's IC chip on a flexible FPC and then bend it to the bottom. Compared with the COG solution, the frame can be further reduced and the screen ratio can be increased.

2. whats the main different between COF and COG ?

COF advantage: About COF is more about the thickness of the edge and R corner , looks more like original quality.

COF disadvantage: Screen more easy break inside , because the chip is on the flex, and the flex is soft, so easy to broken the screen when doing installation.

COG advantage: The process of production more mature than COF, and the cost also lower than COF technology

  • So most of the aftermarket screen from market using COG technology.
  • Less defects rate from installation
  • battery consumption lower than COF, wont fever.

COG disadvantage: Screen ratio is smaller than COF. The display size of the screen is 0.1 inches smaller than the original, but you can't really tell the difference without looking at it with the eye, or making a special comparison.

There are many existing COG screens on the market, and the quality is also good and bad. There are differences in terms of materials used and display effects. Taoyuan has always been committed to providing customers with better quality screens. Our OG Incell iPhone series screens use COG technology, which has more stable quality, more saturated color presentation and high cost performance, and has won the common evaluation of our customers.

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