iPhone Battery Replacement - Important Battery Message Remove and Battery Health to 100%

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In the past, it was not difficult to replace the battery of their own iPhone. Compared with paying expensive repair costs in an Apple repair shop, many people would choose to repair it by themselves. However, now you may encounter some problems when you replace the battery of your iPhone:

1. The iPhone will pop up the Important Battery Message: "Cannot verify that this iPhone is an original Apple battery".

2. The health of the battery has not recovered to 100%.

We will introduce how to use hardware solutions to solve this problem perfectly. If you run a cell phone repair shop, take the time to read this article.

First of all, we need to understand a knowledge about iPhone, The chip authentication module used on iPhone Xr and above, which can be used to pair the battery one-to-one with the iPhone motherboard. The board with the electric chip is called the BMS board, so the problem can be solved by transplanting the BMS into the new battery.

Step 1: Open the phone screen and take out the original battery (for example, iPhone XR)

1. With the phone turned off, remove the two screws on the bottom of the iPhone.

2. Turn on the screen. During this process, you need to pay attention not to damage the screen or the cable.

3. Unscrew the screws and remove the metal panel. Disconnect the battery cable and display cable, and remove the screen.

4. Use tweezers to rotate and pull off the battery glue and remove the iPhone Xr battery.


Step 2: Solder the BMS board of the original battery to the new battery.

1. Roll up the outer layer to reveal the flex cable. Use a cutting nipper to remove BMS board.

2. Remove the BMS board of the new battery, and place the original BMS in the correct position of the new battery (do not mess up the positive and negative poles).

3. Now use spot welding machine to solder the BMS board to the new iPhone battery.


Step 3: Activate the battery and recalibrate the data.

1. we need to activate the battery with a direct current supply.

2. Recalibrate the cycle times and battery efficiency.


Step 4: Install the battery back into the phone

1. Put the battery and display back on the iPhone, and connect the cable.

2. Power on, the maximum capacity of the battery is restored to 100%, the important battery message has disappeared.

3. Power off, fix the metal panel, and screw on the screws, install the iPhone Xr screen and tighten the two screws ant the bottom.

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