iPhone 13 Screen Red / Green Tint ?

June 10, 2022 0 Comments

We know that Apple's iPhone screen suppliers generally choose Samsung and LG display. Take the iPhone 13 as an example. the iPhone 13 entire series is still OLED screens, and the suppliers are Samsung and LG display.

There seem to be more types of screens than last year.

The iPhone13/mini uses 5 kinds of screens: G9N, G9P, G9Q, GVC, GH3.

The iPhone 13 Pro/Max has only 3 types of screens: G9N, G9P, and G9Q.

But no matter which screen it is, there is a probability that the screen will turn red / green.

1. How to detect if the screen has red / green tint?

Step1: Under the dark light environment, the red and green colors will be more obvious;

Step2: Open [General] - [Wallpaper] - [Static Wallpaper] - select pure black;

Step3: Then adjust the screen brightness to about half;

Step4: Finally, you can carefully check whether your mobile phone has similar problems in a dark light environment

Light mode and dark mode have no effect when using it during the day, but when it is dark at night, turn off the lights, switch to dark mode, and turn down the brightness of the phone. At this time, you can feel that it will indeed turn red or green, which affects the look and feel.

2. How to check iPhone screen codes?

The red / green screen problem of the iPhone 13 is largely due to the mix of screens

The iPhone 13 series uses two screens, Samsung Display and LG Display. The LG Display screen has a higher probability of having a green screen. Users can query specific screen information through tools such as 3utools.

Among them, the screen code of Samsung Display is G9N/G9P/G9Q, and the screen code of LG Display is GVC/GH3. According to some bloggers, G9N>G9Q>GVC>G9P>GH3

3. What should I do when iPhone screen red / greend tint?

If the screen problem is serious, you can consult the official customer service for online or offline after-sales processing.

Users can also wait for the update of the ios system, and can also optimize and repair to a certain extent.

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