How to keep battery health 100%

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There are many questions about batteries, such as

1. Do I need to use up the battery of my phone and then recharge it?

2. Does fast charging damage the battery?

3. Will charging overnight damage the battery?

If you want to answer these questions, you need to know a little bit about batteries.

First of all, lithium batteries are consumables. It will age from the day it is manufactured, even if it is not used. What we can do is to try to slow down its aging without affecting the mobile phone experience.

1. The durability of the battery is different at different power stages.

Battery power is like a person's life. 0-20% of the battery corresponds to the infant stage, and 80%-100% corresponds to the old age. The human body is the most vulnerable in these two stages, especially in the infancy, and the same is true for the battery.

The iPhone's low-power mode and optimized battery charging modes are designed to better protect the battery when it's vulnerable. Simply put, whether it is charging or playing with a mobile phone, try to avoid "old age" and "infancy", and control the battery within the range of 20%-80%, which will help the health of the battery. The famous website - Battery University Through further research, it is found that 65% to 75% is the most durable stage of the battery, followed by 45% to 75% and so on. However, these data are obtained from the most rigorous scientific experiments. The most important thing in daily life is to keep the mobile phone between 20% and 80%. I usually use my free time to charge my phone for a while. This can extend the life of the battery to a certain extent.

Xiaomi also publicly advertises that long-term full power or low power will reduce battery life, and 40%-80% is the optimal battery capacity usage range. It can be seen to be trustworthy.

Question 1: Do I need to use up the battery of my phone and then recharge it?

Answer: This is obviously wrong. Be sure to avoid the most vulnerable stage of the battery and charge it in time when the power is below 20%.

2. The effect of temperature on the battery.

The battery is very sensitive to temperature. Apple officially pointed out that the best use temperature is 0°C-35°C (32°F-95°F), but the low temperature only temporarily reduces the iPhone battery performance, and the damage to the battery for a long time at high temperature is irreversible. Even when the phone is not in use at high temperatures, it can cause irreversible damage to the battery.


Question 2: Does fast charging damage the battery?

Answer: Theoretically not at all, fast charging just speeds up the charging speed and has no effect on the battery. But in reality, when the battery power is between 0% and 50%, the fast charge will use the maximum power for charging. The double-layer motherboard of the iPhone does not dissipate heat well, and using the phone while charging will cause the overall temperature of the phone to rise. Therefore, don’t play games while fast charging, especially when the battery is below 20%. At this stage, the battery is not only fragile, but also generates the greatest heat during charging.

Question 3: Will charging overnight damage the battery?

Answer: Apple and Huawei have launched an optimized battery charging solution, which has largely solved this problem. Turn on optimized battery charging. Stop charging your phone to 80 percent while you sleep, and then recharge it two hours before you wake up. Avoid damaging the battery health by putting the battery in a high voltage state overnight.

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