How to Fix Phone Gets Hot and Battery Dying Fast

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Nowadays, smart phones are becoming more and more popular. When people use smart phones, they are very concerned about the problems of phone get hot and battery die so fast. These problems affect our daily use. Why is my phone hot? Why is my phone battery dying so fast? How to solve?

Why is my phone hot?

Why is my phone hot

There are many reasons phone get hot, such as battery reasons, running too many large programs that cause high CPU load, damage to internal components, etc.

  1. When the strength of the mobile phone number is -75dBm, the signal strength becomes very poor. In order to ensure normal mobile communication, the mobile phone will automatically increase the transmission power. The higher the power of the mobile phone, the greater the heat of the mobile phone.
  2. Multiple background applications run together, causing the CPU to be overloaded. The current heating effect can be imagined, especially in the case of navigation, games, and video running. When these programs are running, gps navigation, bluetooth, wifi or hotspots will be turned on. That's why your iphone get hot.
  3. The power consumption of the mobile phone is very large when talking for a long time or using audio and video, which causes the phone hot and losing battery so fast.
  4. Because people are accustomed to holding the mobile phone with their hands, the mobile phone cannot dissipate heat. If you use the phone for a long time and the heat dissipation is not good, it will also cause the phone overheat.
  5. Charging with a non-original charger will cause the mobile phone to heat up. Such a charger lacks a protection circuit and cannot guarantee the stability of the current during charging, and it is easy to burn out the battery, shorten the battery life, and even have the risk of explosion.
  6. When using the mobile phone while charging, when the battery itself is charged, the battery will heat up, which will aggravate the heat generation such as making calls,facetime and playing games. If the weather is hot and the mobile phone is equipped with a cover, the mobile phone is very easy to get hot. , with a thick mobile phone cover is also easy to heat. Mobile phone case knowledge encyclopedia
  7. The hardware or battery failure of the mobile phone itself can also cause heat, but generally this kind of situation is rare.

The consequences of mobile phone overheat so fast

If the abnormal heat of the mobile phone is not dealt with in time, it is easy to cause the following problems:

  1. The most direct one is to damage the battery and reduce the service life of the battery.
  2. Damage to other mobile phone hardware, and the most extreme case is that the mobile phone explodes and hurts people.
  3. It may cause system disorder, it is easy to make calls by mistake, open applications indiscriminately, etc.

How to deal with abnormal heat of mobile phone

After abnormal fever occurs, at this time, depending on your environment and the specific applications you have opened, you can use the following methods:

  1. Physical cooling if possible. Stop your phone from overheating, put it in the vent of the air conditioner, or throw it in the refrigerator for emergency cooling. After the temperature drops, it won't hurt the phone itself, and then check what power-consuming programs are turned on and turn it off.
  2. When it is very hot, turn it off immediately. After shutting down, it is equivalent to killing all programs and turning it on after the temperature drops.
  3. When the fever trend is relatively large, you can turn off GPS positioning, wifi, Bluetooth, and even direct flight mode. Or take a break after playing games for a long time.
  4. In other cases, if the charging cable is unplugged, the mobile phone case is removed, or it is hot, let the mobile phone rest.

Precautions to prevent abnormal heating of mobile phones

  1. Mobile phones are used for making calls, games, chats, etc. It is impossible not to use them because of fear of heat, but we can usually take more precautions to improve the situation in this area.
  2. When the mobile phone is at normal room temperature, it is normal that the heat does not exceed 50 ℃. When the mobile phone is very hot, remove the battery back cover to force heat dissipation.
  3. It is best to use the original charger, and it is best not to play with the phone while charging.
  4. Charging for too long will damage the battery and also generate heat. The normal charging time of the mobile phone is 3-5 hours. How to keep battery health 100%>>
  5. You can prohibit the automatic update program in the background of the mobile phone, or the background upload and download of icloud. Because these may cause inexplicable fever.
  6. your iphone get hot when charging, stop use it.
  7. If you wear a mobile phone with a case, the material should be better to dissipate heat. If possible, do not need a mobile phone case. When you use your mobile phone every day, you just need to develop good habits and be careful not to drop or bump it.
  8. If it is a long-term online game or navigation, control the time or take cooling measures.

Why is my phone dying so fast?

Why is my phone dying so fast

  1. Too many push notifications and alerts drains the battery
  2. Too many apps running location services
  3. Too many apps running in the background
  4. Screen is too bright
  5. Battery aging

How to make your phone battery last longer?

1. Receive only the notifications you need

Go to Settings -> Notifications and you’ll see a list of all your apps.

Select the app for which you would like to limit notifications.

2. Fix Location Services

iPhone: Settings > Privacy > Location.

Android:Apps & notifications > Advanced > Permission manager > Location

Turn off location services for apps that don't need to know your location so it doesn't affect your phone.

3. Reduce background activity

iPhone: Settings > General > Tap on Background App Refresh

Android: Settings > Battery and device care (or Battery) > Optimize Now > Tap each message, then select Restrict

4. Lower the brightness of the screen or use dark mode

Try turning down the screen brightne, also you can try turning on dark mode (or dark theme), which uses a dark background to save pixels and battery life, or adaptive brightness, which automatically adjusts the screen to light.

5. Turn on Low Power Mode

iPhone: Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode

Android: Settings > Battery > Power Saver Mode

6. Adjust screen timeout setting

iPhone: Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock

Android: Settings > Display > Screen timeout (or Display > Advanced > Screen timeout)

We recommend 30 seconds to 1 minute

7. Check battery health data

When the battery health data, the maximum capacity(battery health) is lower than 80%, that's why is your phone battery draining so fast. You need to replace a new battery.

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