How about China mobile phone screens manufacturers?

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As we all know, Samsung is the best manufacturer of Oled screens, and there is a gap between Chinese manufacturers and Samsung, but the gap is narrowing very fast! And if you don't compare them together, the perception of the gap in daily use experience is not obvious. After all, the current mobile phone screen technology is very mature.

China's screen manufacturers, BOE,TCL CSOT, Visionox, and Tianma,are developing well, and they are developing very fast, with an increasing market share and outstanding screen quality.

Samsung is the leader in the OLED market, with an OLED screen market share of over 70%. There is no doubt about that. When everyone is competing fiercely in the LCD field, Samsung has quietly started to explore OLED screen technology in depth. It has been more than ten years, and it is four or five years earlier than other manufacturers.

How about mobile phone screens made by Chinese manufacturers?

BOE is already second only to Samsung in the OLED field. It is excellent in terms of pixel arrangement, brightness, color, and chromatic aberration. More mobile phones are starting to use BOE's OLED screens on their flagships, with Huawei and Honor as representatives. It has made a great contribution to the growth of mobile phone screens in China.


TCL CSOT, young but developing fast. Because of the support of TCL, there are enough funds and talents for research and development. At present, TCL CSOT can compete with Samsung in high-end technologies such as 2K, LTPO, and high-frequency PWM.

Visionox is also one of the manufacturers that can compete with Samsung in the field of high-end screens, and has also begun to supply high-end flagship mobile phones, with a number of cutting-edge technologies.

  1. The InV-Tripod pixel arrangement solution, has 82% visual equivalent Real RGB display effect, which is currently the highest level of visual pixel density in the industry, higher than Samsung's Diamond Pentile arrangement. If you want to know about Samsung's diamond and other OLED screen pixel arrangements, check out my previous post: Mobile Phone OLED Screen Pixel Arrangement
  2. Visionox has launched 90Hz, 144Hz and 165Hz OLED screens around the world, constantly refreshing the latest industry records.
  3. Under-screen camera technology, the under-screen camera solution provided by Visionox is currently the most mature solution in the world.

Tianma's OLED screen technology is not as good as other manufacturers, but it has a huge advantage, that is, the display effect is not too bad and the price is very cheap. As a result, it has a larger share in the low-end market. Tianma screen also has leading technology, "sunshine screen" is its leading advantage, the display effect in sunlight is better than other screens.

At present, Samsung's Diamond Pentile arrangement patent has expired, and Chinese manufacturers are catching up. Pentile arrangement, Delta arrangement and other technologies are also gradually mastered. In terms of display pixel density (resolution), it is no worse than or even ahead of the Samsung screen, and in other aspects, the gap is not too big. China The OLED screen will affect the entire mobile phone industry.

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