Everything You Need To Know About Wholesale iPhone Screens

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Whether you are a mobile phone repairer or a mobile phone repair parts wholesaler, sometimes you still have a lot of doubts about the screen. This article will let us understand the iPhone screen in detail, so that you have no doubts when purchasing an iPhone screen.

1. The price determines the quality

iPhone screens come in many different qualities. You'll often hear "Original", "Refurbished", "OEM", "Grade A", "AAA" or "Aftermarket". What quality screen do these titles correspond to?

  • "Original", the screen is the same as the screen on the newly purchased device, and the glass cover has not been replaced, and it is the same as the original Apple screen. But in fact, except for the official purchase from Apple, there is no completely original iPhone screen. Because Apple does not authorize any suppliers to sell screen repair parts.
  • "Refurbished", the inner screen is original, the outer glass is broken, and the glass cover has been replaced by a third-party repair. "Aftermarket": These are parts made by third-party factories and supplied to repair shops for less money.
  • "Grade A" and "AAA" are the grades given by Chinese suppliers to their products. There is no standard, and the "Grade A" screens of different companies may be completely different.

iPhone screen refurbished iphone glass cover replaced

"Original" is undoubtedly the best quality, but the price is also the most expensive. The "Refurbished" screen is very close to the original, and the price is not cheap. "OEM", "Grade A", "AAA" or "Aftermarket" These are third-party screens (manufactured by Chinese factories), the quality of which is very different, because some screens use good materials, such as material of BOE(supplier for Apple screens). There are also differences in the manufacturing process of the screen, "incell" or "oncell", "LCD", "OLED Hard" or "OLED Soft". These processes also determine the different prices. If you don't know about these iPhone production processes, you can check out our previous articles.

iPhone Screen Structure: Difference Between In-cell, Out-cell and On-cell.

Hard OLED vs Soft OLED Different, advantage and disadvantage

Third-party screen price: "OLED Soft" > "OLED Hard" > "LCD (Incell LCD)"

It should be noted here that "LCD" does not mean the worst, "LCD" also has an excellent screen, but part of the experience is sacrificed to reduce costs.

If the price of the screen purchased is very low, it means that the parts are of low grade. When you wholesale iPhone screens, it is important to distinguish between different qualities, not only because of the huge price difference, but also because the quality of high-quality screens can reduce customer complaints.

2. Why is there a pop-up window for changing the screen?

From iPhone11, Apple has also encrypted the screen. There is an encrypted chip on each iPhone screen, which records the serial number of the screen. By reading the serial number on the screen, the mobile phone can communicate with the internal storage The relative comparison. If the serial numbers are the same, it means that your screen is original; if the serial numbers are inconsistent, there will be a prompt that the screen is not original. Even if it is an Apple original screen, as long as the serial numbers are different, a pop-up window , prompting that the screen cannot be verified, the phone will always prompt. And in about this machine - important screen information, there will also be "unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display".


Apple has been strictly blocking third-party repair parts, and third-party screens are also constantly optimizing the production process of the screen. These are not a problem for the super Huaqiangbei.

3. True Tone means original?

True Tone is an Apple display technology designed to make images appear more natural in different lighting situations. This involves adjusting the brightness and the temperature of the colours on the screen to fit the light around them. In fact, most third-party screens have the function of True Tone, and only need to go through very simple steps.

iPhone Popup message and True Tone

4. How to judge who is the right iPhone screen supplier?

When you choose an iPhone screen supplier, you will first consider the price. Obviously price determines your profit, this is very important. Secondly, the quality of the screen you want to purchase is guaranteed. Probably everyone has their own criteria, we evaluate the suggestions here:

Screen quality

The quality of iPhone screens varies, for example, the understanding of "Grade AAA" is very different. Due to the assembly of raw materials, the products of different factories will be slightly different, so purchasing screens with suppliers is like a gamble. In general, "Aftermarket", "third-party screen" is the most purchased quality. However, how to choose requires experience and skills,and you can ask the supplier clearly in the following aspects:

    • LCD, Oled Hard or Oled Soft?
    • screen brightness
    • color saturation
    • screen thickness
    • The size of the screen chin
    Give professional advice

    Suppliers need to know in advance what quality is used by the public in the customer's country. Suppliers should also know the approximate price of iPhone screens across the region. Vendors need to provide customers with more information, because everyone wants to work with someone who has experience in the relevant field.

    Good communication

    Good communication is so important, not only for efficient work, but also for purchase orders. Even if the product is the same, the people selling it are different. Different people have different ways of doing things. It is very important to be able to be fully courteous to every customer. A good supplier should be able to quickly understand your needs and communicate according to your logical thinking. This saves time and improves customer relations.

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