Burst! Apple ask BOE to stop supplying!

May 07, 2022

Not long ago, it was revealed that BOE will provide 50 million 6.1-inch OLED screens for Apple's iPhone 14 this year. On May 4, it was revealed that BOE was kicked out of the iPhone 13 display supply chain. It seems that the contrast is too big. However, according to related reports, because BOE changed the design of its OLED panel by expanding the circuit width of the thin film transistor, Apple told BOE to stop production in response to this change. We don't know why this change let Apple to make such a decision, but we don't need to worry too much about excluding BOE from Apple's OLED panel supply chain. After all, the existence of BOE brings Samsung Display and LG Display. pressure to increase competitiveness and reduce prices.

Therefore, we can talk about BOE’s supply of iPhone 14 lcd screens to Apple. This is the first time that BOE has entered the supply chain of new iPhones in the current season (previously, it was supplying display panels for resale or maintenance of the previous generation). The result of reducing supply risk.

This is undoubtedly good news for the Chinese display industry. However, BOE currently mainly supplies display panels for the basic version of the iPhone 14, while LTPO (low temperature polycrystalline oxide) OLED panels are still supplied by Samsung Display and LG Display. Therefore, judging from the quantity purchased and the type of display panel, this supply is a "trial" purchase, and the symbolic meaning is greater than the actual meaning (the actual meaning is not small). However, from a personal point of view, there are still higher expectations for domestic display panel giants like BOE. Therefore, we will discuss the technology of LTPO OLED screen display from the perspective of technology and market. What are the technical challenges? What is the market application prospect?

It is worth noting that the production lines of BOE's B7, B11, and B12 factories will accelerate the shift from the current LTPS (low temperature polysilicon) technology to LTPO from 2021. The new light-emitting technology will combine the advantages of LTPS and IGZO, making the screen with low power consumption. At the same time, a wider refresh rate range is supported. It can be seen that, although it failed to sign a supply agreement related to LTPO OLED panels with Apple this time, BOE has already prepared for this.

In Apple's supply chain, if BOE wants to gain further development, LTPO OLED panels are undoubtedly the best breakthrough. Moreover, in the supply share of LTPO OLED panels, Samsung's "one dominance" situation is not what Apple wants to see. If BOE can achieve mass production and supply of LTPO OLED panels, Apple will be happy to see it. In March this year, BOE announced that the f-OLED LTPO variable frequency display has achieved mass production. It is said that this mass-produced LTPO variable frequency display has been first applied to the Magic 4 series, Honor's annual flagship product.

BOE said that this series of products uses a 6.81-inch flexible OLED screen , has a 1Hz-120Hz adaptive seven-frequency dynamic refresh mode, and a 360Hz high touch sampling rate. Pixel arrangement optimizes the underlying logic framework of pixel display, and fully upgrades the display quality. It has the advantages of low power consumption, high image quality, and long battery life, allowing users to enjoy high-quality screen display without worrying about battery life.

Although this LTPO frequency conversion display is not available for this year's iPhone 14, it provides the possibility for the application of the next generation of Apple mobile phones. At the same time, in view of Apple's almost strict quality control, the technology that has just been mass-produced will undoubtedly have a verification period.

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