All The Professional Tools and Equipment Needed for Mobile Cell Phone Repair

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Now, many people will replace the screen of their broken phone, which is not difficult. But if you encounter complex failures, it is not as simple as replacing parts. We need professional knowledge and machine/tools. Today we have sorted out the must-have cell phone repair tools and equipment.

1. Hot Air Gun / Hot Air Gun Rework Station

Hot Air Gun Rework Station, we also called SMD (Surface Mount Device), is one of the most used tools in mobile phone repair, and the process requirements are also very high. Hot air soldering gun is used for everything from removing or installing small components to large integrated circuits. In different occasions, there are special requirements for the temperature and air volume of the hot air gun. If the temperature is too low, the components will be soldered. If the temperature is too high, the components and circuit boards will be the worst. Excessive air volume will blow away small components. It need to evenly and quickly heat the area of the PCB you will be processing. In addition, a benefit of using hot air rework stations is that they also double as soldering stations.

Hot air rework station Hot air soldering gun

2. Soldering Iron / Soldering Station

When you fix the phone, components on the logic board are often replaced, it need to use an electric soldering iron station. The components of the mobile phone use surface-mount technology (SMT), the components are small in size. If the soldering iron is not selected properly, it is easy to cause human failures in the welding process, such as virtual soldering, short circuit. so it is necessary to use a high-grade soldering iron as much as possible, such as a constant temperature, temperature-regulated, anti-static soldering iron. In addition, the welding of some large components such as shielding covers requires a high-power electric soldering iron, so need to used an ordinary thick-tip soldering iron of more than 60W.

Soldering Iron Soldering Station

3. DC Power Supply

In order to facilitate the test, it is necessary to prepare a regulated power supply.DC power supply tester which output voltage is required to be adjustable, the output voltage is 1-15 V, and the current is 1-2 A. There are two types of meter head and digital display, which are used to observe the current changes in the work of the mobile phone.

DC Power Supply

4. Electronic Microscope

Because SMD components on a Mobile Phone PCB are very small, we need a electronic microscope. it's used to see a magnified view of PCB or electronic components. Many microscopes can also be connected to a computer or a monitor.

repair phone microscope

5. Multimeter

Multimeters are used to measure DC current, DC voltage, AC voltage, resistance, audio levels, and more. There are two types of multimeters: pointer type and digital type. NNow more and more people use digital multimeters. Digital multimeter is high sensitivity, high accuracy, clear display, strong overload capacity and easier use.


6. Solder Paste, BGA Reballing Stencil

7. Laminating machine, heating table, bubble removing machine, anti-static wristband

Laminating machine, heating table, bubble removing machine, anti-static wristband

8. Tweezers

mobile phone repair tools kit Screwdriver tweezers

9. Other Cell Phone Repair Tools and equipment

  1. Solder Wire / Jumper Wire
  2. Antistatic Mat / ESD Mat
  3. Paste Flux
  4. Liquid Flux
  5. PCB cleaner
  6. UV Curable Solder Mask
  7. UV Curing Light
  8. Rosin
  9. Logic Board Holder / PCB Holder
  10. Desoldering Wick / Desolder Remover Wick Braid / Desoldering Wire

Other Cell Phone Repair Tools and equipment

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