4 Best Websites To Learn Cellphone Repair Tutorials Online For Free

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How to become a cell phone repair guru?First of all, you have to be more interested in electronic repair, and you can do it well if you treat the work as a hobby. And most importantly, you have to keep learning and improving your repair skills. How to learn how to repair phones? Today this article recommends 8 websites for you to learn mobile phone repair classes for free.

Best Websites To Learn Mobile iPhone Repair Training Course Online For Free

1. iFixit

ifixit.com is a well-known dismantling website in the United States, known for dismantling fashionable IT products and providing Apple repair manuals. iFixit also provides maintenance knowledge while dismantling the product. Netizens can also ask questions about the equipment through the iFixit online community and get help from others. iFixit has dismantled products including: digital, home appliances, cameras, computers, sports shoes, etc.

ifixit Repair Guides

2. GSM Forum

GSM Forum is a forum related to cell phone repair. Phone repair technicians from around the world share their problems and solutions here. It is one of the best forums related to cell phone repair.

GSM Forum

3. REWA academy

Rewa is a company from China, they started with offline phone repair academy. Massive posting of mobile phone and mac computer repair videos on Facebook and YouTube, attracting a large number of followers

academy rewa tech

4. GSM İletişim

GSM İletişim is a team from Turkey who post cell phone repairing course videos on YouTube. The blue background and the Turkish flag in the upper left corner are their video style. In addition to repairing iPhone, they also involve more mobile phone brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei, and Samsung.

GSM İletişim

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